Reverse Engineering Successful Sales Strategies



U Mobile needed to educate the market on its various instalment plans and financing options, which were new to Malaysian consumers. Given the hundreds of possible permutations of device, mobile plan, tenure, credit history, consumers were finding this process complex online. However, selling these plans in-store is as easy as having a conversation.


Through on the ground observations, Everise DX found that successful sales agents, focused on two main aspects to ascertain the optimal plan – device and monthly budget. This became the core idea in developing a platform.


The insights gathered allowed the team to reverse engineer the conversation from ideal plan to initial touch point. Instead of customers sifting through large amounts of information, a chatbot would present a few simple question that took a customer on a journey helping them discover their ideal plan.

The analysis also uncovered that individualized correspondence was key in winning over customers. This meant that each person was getting an instore service even when they were interacting with the brand online.


The result was U-bot, Fluent in both English and Manglish, U-Bot could answer frequently asked questions about the telco’s different instalment plans.

U-Bot used machine learning to suggest the optimal plan and seal the deal by sending a personalised plan summary to the users email and used location detection to share directions to the nearest retail store.


In the first 90 days, U-Bot hosted almost 300,000 conversations with curious customers, providing 50,000 plan recommendations, exceeding the objective by 8X. U-Bot was also a proficient marketer, achieving a 152% email open rate, beating the industry average by 5X.


“U-Bot has worked well in guiding our customers to find the most suitable plan for their needs. Even without a marketing push, we have seen significant organic traffic and engagement growth since its launch in September, 2017.

We are certainly happy with U-Bot’s performance so far and we hope to also use it as a platform to mine insights so that we may develop something even more extensive and responsive in the future.”

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Lee Ping Han

Marketing, Integrated Digital Platforms U Mobile