Innovating Education With Conversational AI




Malaysia’s largest Media Company, The Star Media Group, has an investigative journalism division called R.AGE. who investigated online sexual predators and produced an award-winning documentary series to highlight child sexual exploitation through mobile chat apps. “Predator in my phone” obtained over 4 million views and received support from more than half of all Members of Parliament and 18,000 public pledges.

After achieving awareness about the problem, R.AGE wanted to advocate for comprehensive sexual health education. However, the biggest challenge with sexual education is that people aren’t comfortable speaking about it in public.


Broaching the topic of sexual education was going to be difficult but it was important to create a safe space to educate the youth on what is appropriate behavior online. The advisory team had to conduct multiple research efforts to survey which communication channel would best fit this need.


Everise DX conducted a user behaviour study and found that over 45% of people would share something private with a chatbot that they wouldn’t with another person. This coupled with key partnerships from experts in the field allowed the development team to create a chatbot platform around this idea.


Hyperlab created a perfect persona for the subject, Ana the Sex Education Chatbot, who would help teens and children ask questions about sexual health in privacy.

Able to converse in English, Manglish and Bahasa Malaysia, Ana can answer over 1,500 questions pertaining to sexual abuse and education. Designed to support victims of sexual crimes, Ana had two always-on buttons for users to speak to trusted professionals or guide them on the steps required to make a police report. Her responses were tailored to be child-friendly, and screened through by child protection experts including Unicef Malaysia, Federation of Reproductive Health Associations Malaysia Women’s Aid Organisation and other relevant agencies.


Ana was a pivotal part in helping R.AGE get legislation passed against sexual predators and better inform the Malaysian public. In 2018, Ana had more than 4,000 private conversations with Malaysians, who asked over 9,500 questions about sexual education.

Ana was also able to help more than 190 potential victims seek professional help and report incidents of sexual crimes to the authorities. It’s success has led to discussions around placing Ana in more institutions, increasing the accessibility of private sex education tools to Malaysians. While she’s too shy to admit it, Ana also won awards as an innovative bot solution.


Best Platform Development GOLD


Best Use of Digital Innovation – Non-Profit GOLD

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