Cutting Edge Solution for a National User Base



In early 2019 Telekom Malaysia(TM), Malaysia’s largest broadband services provider, with a history of serving the country dating back to 1946, launched a new WIFI plan that targeted 2.7 million people most of whom are from the lower-income bracket.

With a current pool of 800,000 home unifi customers and over 300,00 call centre service requests, customers used live agents to check on account information and ask about internet service interruptions. The projected growth of their target audience prompted TM to seek a cutting edge solution to help to assist the predicted growth in service requests. TM also wanted a solution that would utilise the wealth of data collected to recommend the best plans to people.


Everise DX’s Blueprint team did a root cause analysis of the vast amount of data collected by TM. The team also looked into what needs the lower-income bracket would require to access broadband plan information.


Our research showed that users often enquired about billing information and performed these transactions over the phone.

The design team’s research showed to help customers navigate TM’s database more intuitively information should be displayed in an interactive rich card format.


unifiBot was hired as a solution, pushing the creative and technical limits of a Virtual Service platform in multiple ways:

Bilingual: Utilising TM’s data pool, unifiBot was optimised for the “rojak” way Malaysians speak English and Malay, answering hundreds of questions about TM’s product offerings.

Insights: Through analysis of incoming data from service requests, unifiBot provides actionable insights for TM to improve their products and how they present their brand image.

Machine Learning: Capable of improving itself, unifiBot, through deep learning, understands how customers are interacting with it and recommend questions to users.


unfibot has reshaped how TM’s interacts with its customers, producing actionable data reports that help TM better serve their userbase.

Four months after it’s initial launch, unifiBot, with the release of a more comprehensive update, has been able to reduce call centre escalations by 70% affording agents more time to ensure that customers with urgent issues have their problems resolved promptly.


“We are excited to launch unifiBot with Everise DX. Their experience creating bots that understand Malaysian language and local nuance was a key factor in our decision to work with them. Typically brands reserve innovation projects exclusively for upper markets – we wanted to look at it differently and use technology to better serve one of our largest segments.”

Safiyya Rusli,

Head, unifi Digital, Telekom Malaysia