How Natural Language Processing Works with Work-At-Home CX


As part of the Everise family, Everise DX is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and smooth continuity of our partners operations through our proven Home-Based Agent programs. But, as a leading Conversational AI company, powering Everise DX solutions, we are experienced at delivering virtual agents who are impervious to the risks of a coronavirus, because they are purely digital beings.

The goal is not to replace our customer experience champions, but to enhance their capacity to deliver the highest quality experiences amidst increasing contact volumes, as well as help business mitigate their risk during market volatility. Here are three solutions that work with a home-based agent program.



Interactive Voice Response (IVR) have come a long way from “press 1” scenarios. Everise DX’s voice intelligence solution enables businesses to automate inbound and outbound call processes with a voice-based virtual assistant. This voice automation technology delivers a superior customer experience while cutting through long IVR workflows.

With call volumes spiking in various industries as a result of disruptions cause by the coronavirus, an NLP IVR solution enables businesses to deflect and manage call volumes in a human way.


2. Chatbot + Home-Based Agent

Now that people are spending more time at home, core online business, like video streaming services, cloud collaboration tools and e-gaming are experiencing a large boom in business. To guarantee that people have the best experience, these companies must look to AI as a viable option.


Hyperlab has proven multiple times that a Human + AI approach via chat can reduce inbound enquiries by as much as 70%. Our proven chatbots are able to help your business manage inbound chat enquires effectively and integrate with our Home-based agent solution.


3. HR Helpdesk Assistant


During times of uncertainty, communication with your employees and access to information is vital. Ana, a smart onboarding and employee experience assistant, was quickly trained to ensure that employees could get the latest info on COVID-19, basic hygiene tips, dispel any myths surrounding the virus and how Everise was best preparing for work-for-home. All information is displayed with interactive cards within Ana’s chat interface to ensure user get the most out of the new function in a system they are already familiar with.