The world celebrated International Women’s Day this past Sunday and at Hyperlab we want to give a huge shout out to the women who help make all the magic happen for us!

The tech industry is a field often dominated by men but at Everise DX we are proud to say that not only are we at the cutting edge of technological development, but we are also proud to be a diverse work place who give an equal opportunity for all!




Janet Teo

Janet Teo is Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of enterprise AI company Hyperlab- and Everise company. Inspired with a deep passion for all things digital, she has over two decades of experience working in leadership positions for some of Southeast Asia’s top agencies. With her years of experience in executive positions, Janet continuously helps our clients shape, build, and deliver their customer and employee experiences by making it easier for enterprises to automate through advanced virtual assistants.

All the women at Hyperlab agree that Janet is an unstoppable force that they all look up to. During her off time, Janet enjoys expanding her culinary knowledge with her children by cooking as a family and travelling to new and exotic locations.

“I am inspired by Jane Fonda, who, from an anti-Vietnam war activist, female fitness videos to an actress, has proven that reinvention at any age is possible. I find this inspiring as it’s never too late to start over and never too late to be happy!”


Lana Pagnoux


Lana Pagnoux is a Tech Consultant in Hyperlab’s Advisory team. She studied philosophy, with an ambition to become a researcher and work in academics. She started at Hyperlab as a summer intern. “Most people don’t realise that a degree in Philosophy equips you with all the right skills to develop a neural network for AI.”

“I’m inspired by my mother, who has shown me how to be strong, tough and intelligent, by Professor Maria Baghramian the head of Philosophy at University College Dublin who is just brilliant and Ada Lovelace a pioneer in the data science field, who created the first algorithm.”


Julianne Malini


With a background in HR, Julliane never expected that she would end up working for a technology company, but looking back every job she took has led her to Hyperlab and she is thrilled to be at the forefront of employee experience.

“I am inspired by Malala Yousafzai, she is brave, has a strong fighting spirit and she believes in the power of education for girls.”


Dania Azman


As a mass communication graduate specialising in instructional communication and training, Dania assumed that she would eventually work in the media industry. Now at Hyperlab, she is a conversational specialist in charge of training chatbots and improving their ability to communicate with humans.

“I feel like I need to push my boundaries while I am young. Now I am doing something that so out of my comfort zone but I love it! I look up to Amelia Earhart and Marie Curie because they broke the expectations of what a woman ‘should do’ and ended up changing the world!”


Hanie Juremi


Hanie has always been in an IT role, but when she graduated there was no demand for data scientists in Malaysia. She worked in supply chain management, insurance, construction and the public sector but her new adventure with Hyperlab is something she finds very exciting. She gets to help create AI technology.

“I am inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she is intelligent, tough and is changing the world irrelevant of her age!”


Sharlina Sofia Joehari


“Growing up, I idolized Rihanna, as a female artist, we knew she had to face a lot of challenges which transformed her into a successful businesswoman. Throughout her journey, she makes me believe that I can strive for whatever I want as long there’s a passion for it.”

Sharlina is an up and coming conversational data specialist who never really expected her degree in interpersonal communication to be the perfecting to land her a tech job. She helps Hyperlab create more human-like chatbots using non-verbal communication cues through language

Happy Women’s Day!!!