Smart Interviewer Platform for Free in 2020

  Recruiting is traditionally a labour-intensive task. Talent acquisitions teams need to spend time sourcing, screening and scrutinizing candidates in order to ensure they select the right one for both the company and the job.     The task that typically takes the most time is screening through endless lists of names, resumes and candidate credentials. On average, talent acquisition teams spend up to thirty minutes per applicant. This process not only takes time, but it is also where unwanted biases and subjectivity seep into the screening process. In order to go through resumes faster, recruiters often focus on “canned traits”, such as a specific education institutions or degree background, rather than whether they are effective at their job.     These problems are now compounded by the inability to conduct face to face interviews due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the requirements to stay at home.     Our Smart Interviewer platform is an AI-powered tool that has proven to help talent acquisition teams circumvent these problems.     1. Video, Audio & Text submissions     Smart Interviewer is designed to accept answers to predetermined questions via video, audio and text. Candidates are empowered to send in these answers at their convenience as the system easily integrates with their mobile devices. This feature allows companies to understand their applicants on a more personal level as they get insights on how they speak, present themselves and if they can hold a conversation.     2. Personality Detection     The core analytical system is built with a hierarchical CNN-based model that can detect the Big Five personality traits. Employing this model helps talent acquisition teams assesses if candidates not only match job criteria but are also a culture fit for the organisation.     3. Digital Literacy & Analytical Thinking     This platform measures a candidate’s digital literacy by getting them to engage with new technology solutions. Why is this important? It shows how flexible applicants are to try new methods of communication. the questions that they have to answer also pick up on their critical thinking ability and whether they can formulate their ideas in a structured way and express their points coherently.     4. Automated communication     Successful, Shortlisted and Rejected candidates are sent emails by through the system and applicants are prompted to set their own interview times based on recruiter availability. The system also allows for referrals giving candidates a chance to recommend positions to their own contacts.     5. Accurate Prediction     By combining personality, digital literacy, response length and other data points, Smart Interviewer is able to effectively predict a candidate’s quality and recommend if a recruiter to pursue them for a particular role. Recruiters are also able to review all applicant submissions via an online dashboard to ensure the system is functioning at a high level of accuracy.     6. Smart Benefits     Our Award-winning platform removes traditional subjectivity and bias that recruiters use, such as GPA and degree type, thereby widening the candidate pool by an average of 2X.     This platform has efficiently screened and shortlisted candidates, matching 7% of candidates from a pool of 1500 people for a leading APAC Bank saving recruiters over 1,700 hours of calling and interviewing time. While at the same time, proving that previous inherent bias had no correlation with candidate quality, thereby increasing their talent pool by over 2X.     Candidates also love the experience, rating it 3.5/4. This was supported by a massive referral rate of 40%, beating the industry average by 5X.     If you are a client please contact your Client Service Manager.     For all other organisation, visit our Smart Interviewer product page and place an inquiry now!     Let’s all stay safe and work from home!